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Roofing repair and installation services near me: the best companies in Ottawa

There are plenty of roofing installation and repair companies in Ottawa, so it may be difficult to choose one. We promise that with information that we provide, it will be much easier for you. So, let’s see out TOP-10 companies!

Monarchy Build

The first one on the agenda is Monarchy Build. It is a family-run company that will help you with the installation and repair of roofing, siding, and gutter system. They use a variety of finishes in their work, including:

  • Aluminum.
  • Cedar.
  • Brick.
  • Vinyl.
  • Stone.

The company believes its great advantages are extensive experience, execution of turnkey orders, the staff consisting of the best roofers and craftsmen, quality assurance, and durability. The disadvantages, though not evident, include limited area coverage – Ottawa with suburban areas such as Nepean, Kanata, and Barrhaven.

Remember Me Roofing Inc

The next company on our top list is Remember Me Roofing Inc. It is an established company, certified by GAF Master Elite Contractor Certification, Homestars Multi-Year Review Winner, and with an A+ rating.

They offer a wide range of services that include installation and repair of roofing (metal and asphalt shingles), as well as:

  • Installation and cleaning of gutters.
  • Installation of roof waterproofing.
  • Installation of skylights, border lights.
  • Inspection of roofs; installation of heating.

Among the declared advantages of the company are 50-year warranty, working with residential and commercial properties, extensive experience, excellent reputation, respectful treatment of each customer, and precision.

The company covers the entire Ottawa region – Barrhaven, Bells Corners, Britannia, Gloucester, Hazeldine, Kanata, Leitrim, Nepean, Orleans, Rockcliffe Park, Shirleys Bay, and the Highlands.

Roofmaster Ottawa Inc

It is an another company in our ranking with a close-knit team, where not only married couples, but also their adult children and other relatives work. You could say it’s a big friendly family. This company is a multiple Consumer Choice Award, Better Business Bureau winner.

Services provided:

  •  Installation and repair of roofing (liquid, composite, metal, rubber, tile).
  • Installation and repair of gutters.
  •  Installation of waterproofing, ice melting systems, dormer windows.

The company provides services in Ottawa and the suburbs.

Wolfenburg Roofing

The company operates throughout the province of Ontario, not just in Ottawa, is BBA licensed and has WSIB awards. Services provided:

  • production and repair of flat roofs.
  • repair of leaks in the roofs of residential premises.
  • installation and repair of waterproofing.

other roofing works. Advantages: 10 years of experience, installation of roofing of any materials (bitumen, metal, rubber, slate, etc.), installation of green roofs, operation throughout the region.

Rancourt Roofing

One of the best family-owned roofing repair and installation companies. Its owners are Luke and Gaetan. They are quite confident in holding their position on the market. The company wins its customers over, first and foremost, with the quality of the services provided and their variety.

Apart from the installation of flat and sloping roofs you can order:

  • Installation of attic ventilation.
  • Cleaning the roof of snow, ice, debris.
  • Installation of skylights and sun tunnels.
  • Installation and protection of gutters, etc.

The company works across Ottawa and its suburbs. They guarantee high quality and reasonable prices, bilingual communication with staff, and the work is done by experienced roofing workers.

Mr. Roofer Inc.

We could not leave this company out, although it is not exactly typical, at least for our rating. The matter is that this organization concludes contracts with actual executors, and when you contact them, you get the best company in its field – perfect for your needs and budget. Before signing a contract with an executor, it is thoroughly reviewed, so that the customer is not misled.

The company provides a warranty for the entire contract period, arranges a full production cycle – from costing and designing to commissioning, and uses state-of-the-art technology (satellites, geo-evaluation, etc.).

Vanity Roofing

Another roofing company we’ve included in our TOP 10 list works specifically for the city of Ottawa. Services provided:

  • Repair, installation and replacement of roofing.
  • Installation of the gutter system.
  • Installation of skylights, etc.

The company installs bitumen, composite, and metal roofing. They guarantee high quality, reasonable prices, and efficiency.

Rozon Enterprise

The motto of this company is qualitative execution, pride, and honesty. We could not pass it by, reviewed all the information and drew conclusions.

It is an experienced company that has been operating in Eastern Ontario since 2009 and has had almost no complaints from customers. The founder, Canadian entrepreneur Mathieu Rozon, resides in Casselman, which is 50 km from downtown Ottawa. Advantages:

  • They work both with individuals and commercial organizations.
  • Specialization – bitumen and metal roofing.
  • Their specialists perform the full range of roofing works

Apart from basic services, you can order the installation of skylights, border lights, and other lighting equipment, as well as the installation and repair of dormer windows and siding. The company will do everything “turnkey”: from drawing up the project to finishing.

Needless to say, the executors have a BBB rating and a TOP Choice Award awards, received in 2020 and 2021. Geographic coverage – Casselman, all of eastern Ontario, Embrun, Limoges, St. Isidore, Oneclick Hill, Hawkesbury, Alfred, L’Oreal, Alexandria, and Cornwall.

Intricate Roofing & Contracting

One of the market leaders in the installation of roofs that have proven to be a reliable partner, justly included in the TOP ten of ours. They are rightfully proud of their reviews on homestars, of which the majority (over 65 so far) have 10 stars. Regional coverage – Ottawa and the suburbs.

The service list is impressive: you can order the installation and repair of roofing, installation, repair and cleaning of gutters, arrangement of waterproofing and ice melting systems, and installation and repair of border lights. Besides, the company can install and repair dormer windows.

The company specializes in the installation of metal and composite roofs, and roofs made of bitumen tiles. You can also request cleaning of the roof from snow, debris, and ice.


  • Experienced professionals.
  • Tidy operation: nobody will stamp out the lawn or leave nails on it.
  • Repair and material replacement within the warranty period.

Green roofs to combat pollution; the company is actively engaged in their arrangement. We also note that Intricate Roofing & Contracting was the winner of Homestars Best of 2019.

Interlock Industries (Ont) Inc.

Our TOP leader. The company is considered one of the oldest in all of Canada. For over three decades, it has been engaged in the installation and repair of roofs not only in the country, but also throughout North America. They also have a distribution center in Ottawa, one of many, by the way. And to think that it all started with one small office in Vancouver. To put it in numbers, that is thousands of completed orders in Ontario and tens of thousands of roofs across Canada and the United States. But let us forget about scale and talk about more specific things.

The company gives preference to the installation of metal roofing, but also works with other materials (shingles, tile, slate, etc.). A new product that the company is actively offering today: a flat, rubberized, seamless membrane reinforced with Kevlar. You will be offered an assortment of profiles. The service list includes, in addition to installation and repair, the production of roofing. The company offers services on credit and can provide financing for the project.

Other advantages include rapid erection of roofs, even in very large volumes, use of skilled and experienced workers, working with minor and major customers and equally polite attitude to each of them.

We hope that the list of suggested companies from our TOP will help you make your choice, and you will get a high-quality job done at a good price!

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